Our Tour Guides

Local outdoor experts

Personal connections to the Southwest

Our guides don’t just take adventures, they live them—and they invite you to join the fun. As locals of Sedona, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, our guides share the places they’re proud to call home by combining personal experiences with expert training. They will know your name, share unique stories and connect you to the land by making every excursion entertaining and informative.

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Our Adventure Guides

Beth Hansen, Grand Canyon Adventure Guide, 2 months

Chris Meyer, Las Vegas Adventure Guide, 16 years

Monica Polacca, Sedona Adventure Guide, 7 months

Putting safety first

To keep you safe and comfortable, our guides have the skills to handle all circumstances in any one of our vehicles. This includes emergency medical training and driving techniques used by fleets like UPS and FedEx:

Certified storytellers

We believe stories are as important as scenery. To bring each tour to life, our team members are all Certified Interpretive Guides. This program teaches them to provide immersive experiences through local history, urban legends and personal anecdotes.